Monday, 25 February 2013

Art in the Cotswolds 1-Rob Clarke: Landscape Artist

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Cotswold Art Feature
Rob Clarke is a landscape artist based in Cheltenham, the big city of the Cotswolds. Growing up in the countryside in the south Cotswolds, Rob was surrounded by nature.

"I have always loved the natural world, and I have been keen on painting and drawing ever since I was a child. So it was only a matter of time before the two interests met." 

Landscape painting gave Rob a reason to go into the country without simply wondering. After a while of treating the art on a hobby basis, clients started appearing. Clearly many people share Rob's affinity with natural scenes. 

"People who commission work generally want paintings of a certain scene or locality, pictures of landscape have always been quite nostalgic things, so I totally get this."

It isn't good enough to be simply given a picture of a favourite beauty spot.

"I always visit the location, either with or without the client, because it's important to get a proper feel for the place. My commissions are rarely done on location, back in the studio I work from a mixture of sketches and photos."
Landscape art isn't Rob's only enterprise, "I became a self employed gardener 2 years ago, almost for the same reasons I took up walking and painting. I just can't be indoors, I need green space."
Despite not exhibiting currently, Rob is associated with Tewkesbury based art group "The Artdepot". In the spring/summer they will exhibit.

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